Robert Smithson: Time Crystals
A student concert
Friday 1 June 
From 6pm
The ongoing collaboration between the School of Music’s composition students and the UQ Art Museum’s exhibitions continues in 2018.

“The Sounds of Time” is an evening of original chamber music by UQ undergraduate composition students. The music, inspired by the Robert Smithson: Time Crystals exhibition at the UQ Art Museum, will be performed by UQ musicians among the artworks of Robert Smithson. The music is designed to complement and reflect the themes of timelessness and geometric shapes present in the artworks. The concert will make the most of the Art Museum space and capture the audience in an immersive musical and visual experience. As Robert Smithson: Time Crystals co-curator writes: 

"Embedded in Robert Smithson’s art are themes central to vanguard composition: seriality and repetition, fugue and drone, internal reflection and epic expansion. But Smithson also loved rock’n’roll, country and western, B - movie soundtracks and the found audio of industrial machinery. Smithson’s art invites composers to score New York’s downtown art scene, from party soundtrack to raw audio materiality."

The musical interpretation of the first and final sections of the exhibition will be approached collaboratively, and sections two to five will correspond to individual composers. The audience members will move from the entrance of the Art Museum to the organ as the evening progresses.

FREE. Places limited. Please RSVP to avoid disappointment.       

2018 student composers left to right: Blake Peterson,  Jamison Bulloch, Zachary Cassard, and Katherine Summit 
Photographer: Adam McNamara